General terms and conditions of trade (GTCT)

§1 Please take a look to our order situation to avoid the waiting time.

§2 The acceptance of the proposition can be continue by order form,
e-mail to or by letter.
Persons under age of 18 years need a signature from the
parents or an 18 years old part of the family.

We want to know your favorite material and color(s) and
eventually divergences of the showing clothes on this web site.
You can also send us a little sketch with a short description.

We need your correct and complete address and an
eventual possible diverge address if an order will be send as a present.

 After your order you get an e-mail from us with eventually
questions to your order. The e-mail most comes on that day you
order or the day after.

Our prices are not negotiable!
Before your order begins to start the total sum must be pay in
advance by Euro bank transfer, first on an order by 500€ we can
agree a part payment but there must pay 50% of total sum before.
The last rate must pay 2 weeks also by Euro bank transfer before
your clothes leave our house.

§7 Should clients miss to mail us back, for example to give us
her/him sizes or final payment we can not meet the delivery date
of the bespoke work time.  Other commissions will prefer.
If someone wants a hurry work we calculate an extra charge by 20%.
This is an action if the work limit has the maximum of 3 weeks.
Apart from that the waiting time takes 3 till 8 weeks.

§8 We have delivery charges:

Packet till 2 kilo 4,10€ Germany
8,60€ International / 13,90€ World

Packet till 5 kilo 6,90€ Germany,
17,00€ International / 40,00€ World

Packet till 10 kilo 6,90€ Germany,
22,00€ International / 45,00€ World

Packet till 20 kilo 9,90€ Germany,
32,00€ International / 65,00€ World You have the possibility to get a compact parcel
as a registration of a letter in Germany. Costs 4,50€.

§9 All materials are in our prices.
By the way we have to calculate an extra charge to following sizes:
size L 10€, size XL 15€ and size XXL 20€.
Materials like brocade or silk partially more.

Should after production despite correct sizes the clothes not fit please give us
information about it by e-mail with details or maybe a photo from you so we can look
what is wrong. We will change it of our costs. If you send us back your packet please do not forgive to frank enough.
We do not accept not frank packets, we only pay the new sending of the changing clothes!
The complete charge of individual bespoke work is just possible in exceptional case.

We do not liable by wrong sizes! There is the possibility to change the clothes but we
have to calculate the accruing costs and hourly rate.

§11 Should the work fits perfect and you are satisfied we were glad about a
photo from you with the clothes maybe with a short little text and with your
acceptance we can need it for our web site for our references.